Table Saw Restoration Progress

Hello Folks!
A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Craftsman 10″ table saw I found locally on the Craigslist. Here’s the photo the ad featured:

The price was good enough that I didn’t really bother with looking too closely at it, other than to make sure it wasn’t a basket case, before loading it up into the truck and dragging it home. This is it’s story. Click the photos for larger versions. Continue reading


Welcome to!

I’m Clinton, and I created this site, at the suggestion of several friends, to showcase the eclectic combination of projects that I work on, and to share neat information and techniques that I’ve come across, or discovered to accomplish all sorts of things.

I’ll be posting things as they happen, and as I get them done from my backlog of things I’ve documented before this site existed.  With any luck, it’ll all make sense!

I hope you find it all interesting! Welcome again, and enjoy your stay!